12 things to do while pursuing a tourism degree

Will I be able to fulfill my dreams? And what not.

So don’t worry, in this blog we will let you know the 12 things which you can do side by side while pursuing your degree.


Internships are one of best option or opportunity to gain work experience and knowledge about the field you are pursuing your career in. It helps in boosting one’s confidence, skill and also exploring their career path.  You also get to know people from various organizations, which boost your networking. Some companies also transition your internships into jobs after looking at your skills and knowledge about the organization and understanding of the business. 

Content Creator/ Vlogger

Content Creation or Vlogging is something which is trendy nowadays. People from different fields have now started Content creation and vlogging and made it as their main source of income. Many people do it for fun, for sharing a part of their life or knowledge and also for creating awareness about certain less talked topics. One such thing a student pursuing a career in tourism can do is Write and create travel vlogs. 

Investing on Startup ideas

I am sure each one of you reading this has thought of starting up your own business sometime or the other. So the best time to think and invest your time on it is when you are pursuing your degree because it is the best time where you have fresh knowledge about the field and also you can take help from your mentors and friends and you are also not worried about your living. In addition to this many colleges or universities help students by investing in their startup and mentoring them.

Educate your parents and family

In India, there are many families who still don’t know the need as well as importance of pursuing a career in tourism industry. So it is a great time for educating your family about the importance of tourism industry as well as the importance of this career in your life because it will help them to understand and support you and your goals in a better way.

Boost your geographical knowledge

There are so many people who love to travel but they don’t have the basic knowledge about the world. So if travelling or not you must know about the geographical features and the things which are present in the world. One should always focus on enhancing their knowledge in respect to local, national and international feature like food, culture, heritage, language etc.

Travel around

I am sure everyone saves money! Right? So you have all the time in the world while doing your degree to travel as many places you want, it can be solo, friends trip, educational trip, family trip etc., because trips like this help you find the real you and discover about the nearby famous as well as unexplored  places. The most important thing about travelling is that, that it gives you peace and also a sense of responsibility for others and yourself. 

Get your documents ready

Everyone dreams to go abroad once in their lifetime. Atleast I do! The most important thing you need to do it is to get your Passports ready. There are 61countries as of 1st January 2021, where Indians have visa-free access or a visa on arrival facility.

So what are you waiting for? Get your passports ready NOW!!

Start Volunteering

Do you know there is something known as Volunteering tourism? It allows you to travel to different places to support a local cause. The cause can also be an act of social responsibility, environmental support and individual development. There are different forms of volunteer which is quite extraordinary and is also quite famous in abroad. These trips are often offered or promoted by travel agencies, charities, churches, universities and high schools.  

Develop a sense of responsible tourist

While travelling there is one thing which you should always keep in mind is being a responsible tourist i.e., Responsible towards nature, culture, laws and norms and lastly responsible towards oneself. Before visiting any destination you should always study about that area and know its laws, do’s and don’t and also the culture of the local people because it will help you in staying safe.

Promote your hometown and state  

Travel begins from home. Before travelling abroad or even to another state you should first start travelling in your own hometown and explore all the places you have never been to. And then start exploring your own state, try different things, cuisines, activities, interact with local people know about them and have fun.

Be a Brand ambassador of your campus and create a legacy

While pursuing graduation you can also be a brand ambassador of certain companies or organizations which will help in gaining knowledge and making connections. It is also a great ways of bringing yourself in the front and creating a legacy among your batch mates as well as juniors.

Engage in networking

Many people are new to networking and so they do not know the power of it. Networking is the process of interacting and exchanging information for developing a professional as well as social contact which might be useful for you in future. It helps in strengthening business connections, getting fresh ideas, career advancement, building confidence and also in creating new job opportunities.  


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Published on: Oct,2021

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