Many influential social sectors, such as women’s leadership, gender, sexual orientation, etc. have come forward and put through various global events, which are making the destination as well as the business travellers culturally and socially knowledgeable.

The meeting industry welcomes “culturally diverse” people from around the world. As we know, these days the MICE industry is not limited to any regional issues but has gone beyond the states. The industry is encouraging a diverse number of delegates from all the countries. Cultural awareness is necessary. It is prominent in the meetings and incentives industry as being culturally aware is deeper than simple manners in business meetings.

Any particular event, being globally held, has many challenges to put itself through. Apart from cultural sensitivity and racial issues, diversity is the main challenge. Cultural diversity becomes a challenge when it no more welcomes a person and becomes a barrier in communication and connectivity. The meetings industry becomes quite sensitive as the vivid cultural audience come to a particular event. Understanding cultural sensitivity in the meetings is essential. If goes well, it can lay a great working experience, if not, it can cause offence, loss of trust and manipulate the professional relationships. It is expected from global business operation to cooperate with the disenfranchised communities, transgender delegates and other influential sectors.

“We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.” 

 - King Martin Luther Jr.

Cultural awareness is about understanding local values, traditions, governments and economies. It is also about being sensitive to company culture, values and individual personalities. The MICE industry always welcomes the delegates along with some tactile factors that help the delegates to stay in their comfort zone. Apart from being racist, sexist and cultural bias, the destinations also work towards making their guests live freely and enjoy their stay.

It is seen that many influential social sectors have come forward and put through various global events, which are making the destination as well as the business travellers culturally and socially knowledgeable. The social knowledge is increasing and the global meetings are connecting with society and the world. The main diverse types, such as women’s leadership, racial, cultural, gender, sexual orientation and age group, has got a special focus by the specific efforts given by the delegates and the conventional events.

“Diversity is the engine of innovation. It generates creativity that enriches the world.”

-Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Cultural diversity has brought a better change and innovation in the meetings industry. It has changed the perspectives and the vision of the delegates. The meetings are developing and so are we.

Published on: June,2020

Image source: Internet

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