The Art of Placemaking

It is with the objective of forming a remarkable relationship between people and places. Place Branding a.k.a. City Branding or Urban Branding is a concept of projecting a place, city or urban area as a brand. This not only helps them build a better community, attract tourism and investments, but also nurture the heritage, build exports and improve governance.

New York’s rebranding of the city with the iconic I ❤ NY logo in the late 1970s is a chronicle in the study of city branding and how it could turn the fortunes of a place around. Talking about India, which is a land of varied cultures, languages, cuisines, religions, spirituality, literatures, architectures, philosophies, landscapes, monuments, festivals, histories, stories and what not? All of these traits cater greatly to the potential of City Branding in India.

“Incredible India” which is focused majorly on Indian tourism has an international presence and recognition.  Similarly, Smart cities is a great initiative, but it failed to gain momentum with time. It is a perfect example of a missed opportunity to convert these smart cities into City brands.

A strong City Brand helps in competing in the global marketplace, but how do we progress in this direction?

·  Build your city’s image by identifying all the potentials and unique characters

·  A powerful brand name/slogan gives a breakthrough

·  Innovatively create a sense of place, keeping all the shared information real

·  Deliver the experience your city brand promises

·  Involve the local communities to strengthen the process at the ground level

When everyone is hailing India as the fastest growing country in the world, Place branding can play a very crucial role in this growth path.


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Published on: Sep,2021

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