The Dire Need for Urban Wildlife Tourism: PFA Bangalore

Bangalore, once celebrated for its harmonious coexistence of urban development and abundant wildlife, is now grappling with the stark consequences of rapid urbanization. A dramatic 53% increase in the city's human population between 2001 and 2011, and continued growth over the last five years, have led to severe ecological imbalances. The city's lakes, parks, and partial forests have been adversely affected, resulting in the displacement of wildlife and the orphaning of young animals who seek safety, food, and species security.

Urban Wildlife Challenges:

While Wildlife Acts protect animals in their natural habitats, they fall short of safeguarding wildlife that resides within city limits. This gap necessitates proactive engagement from Bangalore's citizens to ensure the care and protection of urban wildlife, akin to how pets are cherished. This vital role is embodied by the People for Animals (PfA) Wildlife Hospital, which goes beyond human compassion and sensitivity to address an urgent need.


Founded in 1996 by Namrata Dugar, Alpana Bhartia, Gauri Maini Hira, and Arushi Poddar, People for Animals, Bengaluru, emerged under the nationwide initiative and vision of Mrs. Maneka Gandhi. Over the years, PfA has tackled diverse issues, including the illegal slaughter of camels, ostrich farming, the disbanding of an elephant training camp, and halting the mobile zoo display of animals in Mangalore. The organization has also facilitated the confiscation of various protected animals, such as macaques, parakeets, loris, jackals, and snakes, from illegal domestication and commercial exploitation.

A Focus on Urban Wildlife:

Initially, PfA aimed to raise awareness about the rights and needs of both domestic and wild animals. Recognizing a critical gap, the organization shifted its focus to the rescue and rehabilitation of injured, orphaned, or displaced urban wildlife—a sector desperately needed in the green city of Bangalore. This strategic decision led to the establishment of the PfA Wildlife Hospital, which has since become a cornerstone in urban wildlife care.

Urban Setting and Day Tourism:

Situated in Bangalore, the PfA Wildlife Hospital serves as a sanctuary for the city's displaced wildlife. The hospital's urban setting allows for easy access and engagement from the local community, fostering a culture of care and responsibility towards urban wildlife. The facility also promotes day tourism, inviting the public to learn about wildlife rehabilitation, conservation efforts, and the importance of coexistence. This educational initiative not only raises awareness but also galvanized support for ongoing conservation projects.

Wildlife as Part of Their Work:

The PfA Wildlife Hospital's daily operations revolve around the rescue, treatment, and rehabilitation of urban wildlife. From treating injured birds and mammals to caring for orphaned young ones, the hospital's dedicated team works tirelessly to restore the health and well-being of these animals. Moreover, the facility collaborates with local authorities and conservationists to address broader environmental challenges, ensuring a holistic approach to urban wildlife conservation.

In a city grappling with the pressures of urbanization, the PfA Wildlife Hospital stands as a beacon of hope and action. By fostering a culture of care and responsibility, the hospital not only safeguards Bangalore's urban wildlife but also inspires the community to embrace and protect the natural world around them.

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Published on: June 2024

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