The intern should be able to take the overall feel of the industry despite  just earning some short-term experience and universal credit. Internships in tourism have  massive work to do and engage in where many students can show up their solid skills with  creative outreach.

The scope of internships has not only evolved but it is not a Catch-22 situation anymore. The students in vivid sectors are consistently looking out to many firms and organizations for gaining work experience and a chance to understand how the system works.  Alternatively, the organization and agencies look for some potential candidates for some assistance in the work. If done better, it can also welcome the candidates for a full-time job.

Internships in tourism have  massive work to do and engage in where many students can show up their solid skills with creative outreach. Day-to-day work things can be assigned coupled with some event handling.

Interns can be found in a  huge number in terms of content writing, digital and social media marketing, content creation, digital and traditional designing and database maintenance in the tourism industry. Some of these can be effectively done and implemented virtually with handling and counting on any fieldwork.

Following are the types of work which a travel-based organization can provide to the virtual interns as an assistant in the day-to-day work.

1)  Content Writing

Writing travel blogs, newsletters, articles and many more can be the best option as a type of work for the virtual interns to handle. Content writing is never limited to penning down the words but also the research bringing relevant information and creativity for the same. Interns can gain knowledge through solid reading and writing, leading them to know more about the industry.

2)  Social Media Marketing

Promoting the services and handling the company’s social media handles through uploading travel posts consistently can be one of the works,   which can be assigned to a travel-based virtual intern. Engaging them in live webinars and talks with the clients and customers can also help them understand the firm’s orderliness.


3)  Digital Marketing

Building network with a new set of customers through promotion via email marketing, contacting and taking the follow-ups from the same, introduction to new clients of the company, implementing the knowledge of SEO and SEM and researching other ways for marketing digitally can be executed successfully by some potential virtual interns who holds digital approach.

4)  Content Creation

Interns for content creation in travel agencies can design posts for social media and newsletters, design itineraries of varied cities and tour packages for the customers and clients. Finding out modern and sustainable themes for the travel can also come under the work of a content creation intern.

Despite  all the specific vertical work, the common tasks which can be assigned to the virtual interns for engaging them in the firm’s daily services are job shadow works with some of the mentors, some clerical duties and building relationships with the co-workers. Some of these set of roles and responsibilities are:

  Research and learning’s on the company’s core beliefs, facts, diplomacy and services they provide.

  Performing clerical duties such as handling and maintaining the company’s database, files, etc.

  Online event organization and managing invitations for the same.

  Effective participation in conferences, meetings, events and plans of the firms.

  Building a network through learning and working on better relationships with the co-workers which are mutually beneficial.

An intern is expected to assist, learn and grow and build a unique set of skillset throughout their internship. Their journey should be underlined with the urge of taking an increasing amount of responsibilities and become a multitasker in the system. The intern should be able to take the overall feel of the industry despite just earning some short-term experience and universal credit. DTORR provides you with all such open internships and community programs which can take you to the journey of the business tourism industry.


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Published on: April,2021
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